Domestic Violence Myths: Helping the Abused not the Abuser

Domestic ViolenceOctober is the National Domestic Violence Month. It is the time when people and communities gather around to raise the awareness on the daily battle against domestic violence on women and children. You see on the news that the statistics are really shocking. One in four women in the United States has been a victim of domestic abuse by her husband or intimate partner, one in five women is being raped and one in six women is being stalked. If you experience any type of abuse, you may consult with a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

A report last year highlighted the impact of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking will have on women. Studies showed that women who experienced domestic violence had higher risk in obtaining long-term health problems. The health problems may include irritable bowel, frequent headaches, diabetes, chronic pain and sleeping difficulties. Read the rest of this entry »


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Juvenile Crimes: Assault and Battery Charges

Juvenile CrimeOne of the most unique crimes that is usually happening on the streets of the United States is the juvenile assault and battery. This crime occurs on minors or someone with an age under 18 years old, violently hit or strike another minor or adult. One example is the kicking and punching of the 17 years old juvenile to another person usually with an object.

Because this is a juvenile case, the charges when convicted are not really serious as the ones that occurred in adults. However when convicted, a juvenile can face 2 years in prison. Because this is considered a criminal offense, any person who is charged with this crime should need to contact a criminal lawyer or visit CriminalLawyerVirginia website. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips on Preventing Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk DrivingBeing convicted with driving under the influence or DUI is a life-challenging circumstance that could ever happened to a person. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs puts other drivers at risk and at the same time putting any unfortunate people on the road at risk as well.

Driving while intoxicated can result to obtaining hefty fines and even worse jail time that result to ruin relationships and job loss. Nobody wants to be involved in a car crash when they were drunk, neither going to court because they do not have any alternate arrangements. Read the rest of this entry »


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What is Illegal with Prostitution in Virginia?

prostitution is illegalThe issue of whether or not to legalize prostitution concerns not only moralist groups, religious sectors, or politicians, but also every civilian. As a Criminal lawyer, state laws are of great importance. It is of common knowledge that changes in relation to law may positively or negatively affect the the people it governs. The business of selling human “flesh” has become one of the rising issues throughout the globe today, and it is continually expanding as the urge for sexual gratification has already become as addictive as the nicotine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why You Should Not Have a Gun in Virginia

Gun Laws ImplementedHaving a gun is one way of clever people to protect themselves from possible perpetration anytime and anywhere, but, contrariwise, it is also one tactic of criminals to stealthily execute their evil-motivated plans. This is not an unusual case for there were already a lot of individuals who were victimized not only by the life-killing bullets, but also by the unimaginable consequences that the litigation had brought to their time, work, and budget. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that using a gun for murdering is not only the issue, but the mere possession of the illegal gun is also a matter of concern of the citizens, especially in Virginia where the law ultimately excuses no one. Read the rest of this entry »

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